• Benefit 1 - Access to both Harmonise Your health and Deeper. A total of 13 downloads and 21 videos set in a calming, easy-to-use membership for your convenience.

  • Benefit 2 - With evidenced-based advice, learn how to start changing your health, understand how important antioxidants are, and how to get them into your diet. What the worst and best foods are, taking you from a  novice to a new healthier you.

  • Benefit 3 - 4 amazing recipe ebooks, with delicous meals and snacks, complete with shopping list and my fitness pal bar code, so you can track without having to calculate a single thing!

  • Benefit 5 - This full Deeper programme comes complete with mindfulness and mindset coaching. It takes more than just good food to change your life, having the tools to have a strong and positive outlook on everything you do. Literally become invincible!  

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